In Loving Memory of Edwin Isagholian

On a hot Southern California morning, August 24, 1985, the Isagholian family was blessed with a beautiful bouncing baby boy, Edwin.  Edwin started attending Holy Martyrs Ferrahian Pre-School at the age of four.  In elementary school, he was a proud Armens soccer player.  After graduating Ferrahian High School, he immediately enrolled in California State University Northridge where he majored in Political Science.  He had several passions, one of which was painting.  His art instruction, Mr. Norik Dilanchyan, sparked a flame in Edwin’s soul towards the arts.  He painted portraits of his friends, cathedrals, objects in nature, and many of his favorite artists’ Salvatore Dali’s works.

Through the years, Edwin participated with much enthusiasm in numerous activities.  Another passion of his was animals.  Edwin Edwin took horseback riding lessons for 7 years, being awarded many medals for his exemplary riding skills.  Edwins favorite animal was his dog, Mickey, to whom he referred to as “Moog.”

Edwin traveled the world in his short life.  He had visited Australia, Brazil, Prague, Austria, Armenia, Hungary, as well as many other European countries.  But the most inspirational trip was his class trip to Armenia & Karabagh in 2003.  That trip changed Edwin's outlook on life.  From then on, he had a desire to help his homeland.  Edwin was constantly devoting his time and efforts to numerous Armenian organizations.  For many years, he would sacrifice his Thanksgiving dinner to volunteer for the Armenia Fund Telethon.  He would give up his summer to assist the Hamazkayin Forum during their stay in Armenia.  The Board of Directors of the ANCA-WR had also awarded Edwin the “Student Hai-Tahd” month award while he was a junior in high school.  He was presented with that award because he had distributed over 1,000 postcards urging President Bush to honor his campaign pledge to recognize the Armenian Genocide.  Alongside the Armenian organizations, Edwin was a member of several non-Armenian organizations as well, including the Young Leaders of America.

It is quite difficult to sum up his life with a few words.  Edwin was so much more than words on a page.  His personality overflowed with his million watt smile and dark handsome features.  His sense of humor was unmatched.  Edwin was an exceptional son, brother, cousin, nephew, grandson, and friend.  His love of life was unrivaled.  He was always genuine and assertive when expressing his views.  He was the first in line to help a friend in need, regardless of what time of night or day.  Edwin was the kind of person who comes along once in a lifetime.

On May 14, 2006, Mother’s Day, he was unfairly and tragically taken from us in a car accident.  In life, as in his untimely death, he taught everyone around him the importance of love, laughter, and life.  He taught us the fundamentals to living, and facing obstacles head on with a smile.  He is dearly missed by all who knew him.  He left many hearts broken with the promise of reuniting one day again.  Edwin Isagholian will remain forever young...